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I nurse DS until about 18 months. I was working full time, out of the house 4 days a week, since 4 months. Two weeks before 1 year old I stopped pumping enough and the freezer supply ran out. It was a tough transition time to for me. I had to learn that we could still nurse without me pumping. Before DS was 13 months he was drinking milk when I was at work and nursing when I was home. But it was the beginning of the end. My supply started dwindling and feedings started dropping off. The only ones I really ended were the night feedings. I figured they weren't doing much it'd be best if I got more sleep. During the day DS never asked to nurse I always offered and he accepted. We were down to just the nurse before bed for about 2 months -- I had intended to let him nurse anytime when he asked but he never did, then I stopped offering and we stopped nursing. About a week after the last nurse he looked and me and said "Mama Milk?" It was the first time he has asked since we had started really weaning. It broke my heart. I admit I didn't handle it well and It has always bothered me... I ignored him. But after being done for a week it didn't make since to nurse and I didn't know what to say to him. It still makes me cry.
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