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Re: Melatonin

We use melatonin as needed as well. When we 1st moved to our home (5 yrs ago) my boys had terrible time going to sleep. We allowed for an adjustment period but after a month and dealing with everything that came along with the lack of sleep we started giving them melatonin. It worked like a charm and helped reset their natural sleep clocks. We used it for 2 or 3 weeks.

My oldest still has some trouble falling asleep. We have found that a 20 min epsoms salt bath works wonders for him. So, from time to time we have him do some epsom soaks and other times we give him the melatonin when time doesn't allow for the baths.

Have any of you mommas with sleep issue children tried the epsom salt bath soaks? I would highly recommend it! The magnesium that makes up the epsom salts is often lacking in our diets and is easily absorbed through the bath. I am usually pretty ready for sleep when I take one... much more so than with other bath additives.
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