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Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon

Melatonin is usually beneficial for getting the child to sleep, but I don't know if it helps them stay asleep. The frequent night waking could be caused by his sleep deprivation state, and once he gets caught up they'll subside.

If the melatonin at the beginning of the night doesn't keep him asleep, I wouldn't give him any more to put him back to bed.

I might also push for sleep study of you find jay he melatonin isn't helping his night wakings.
That is my concern. It seems like the melatonin is worth a shot but i dont have high hopes. Weve tried a lot and i sort of feel like its a genetics thing and not something we are doing wrong. We have tried diet changes (more food at night, less food at night, cutting dairy, cutting back water, different types of pull ups, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, naps, no naps). Ugh. Dont get me wrong. He isnt an unhappy child. But the nights where he wakes up 3 times at night he is very disagreeable, very frustrated. One time a night doesnt seem to "hurt". Last night for example we got him up to pee at around 11pm, he did and he went back down. He did wake up once in the early hrs (4am?) and was upset but went back to sleep and slept good. He had a great day. He is actually a fairly easy kid. I mean, hes 3. So easy may not be the right word lol. But YKWIM. Anyway, how does a sleep study work?

Is there anything else I can try to help? He has a very routine bedtime. No tv after 5pm, we do pajamas, stories, teeth, prayers, songs, bed. He has a noise machine. We tried no noise machine but still had issues.
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