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Originally Posted by slimy72

I actually have a batch of that in the freezer and was thinking about making it for dinner. I do a lot of freezer cooking and on my last big day I made a double batch of that (which is four meals for my little family) and froze three of them. It's really good.

AFM, today is not going well. Doing alright on the water. Not great but alright. But the CANDY. I was doing an activity today and was giving out candy prizes, and I can't stop eating them. It's really not good. I need to go low/no carb for a couple of weeks to break the habit. I know it would help. It's what I usually have to do when I get to this point. I just don't want to
I usually half the recipe, but tonight I'm making the whole thing, do you freeze before they cook or after?
Candy in evil I told DH that he better take it work so it's not around the house. I didn't buy Christmas candy this year because I knew I wanted to eat healthy starting the first. My mom gave the kids a bunch in their stockings

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