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Re: Mudroom...entryway - anyone want to share photos?

Originally Posted by solarbabies View Post
Ours is more like a porch...unfinished as well. Just a plywood floor and yucky dark brown wood paneling. And no pics has all the boxes for the thrift store in it right now lol. Plus, the dryer vents into it, so it always has lint all over. Ugh, i hate that 'room' and the fact that anyone that comes into our house has to come through it!

Are you secretly living in my house? We have the same issue with the dryer vent. Seriously, we've been in this house almost 10 yrs and DH can't find the time to vent it outside????

Cherylchoo, do you have them remove their shoes before going into the rest of the house? Thanks for posting pics!
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