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Homebirth...what to ask the midwife?

Im about to email the midwife in this area who does homebirth and realize I probably shouldn't bombard her with questions in the first email (which I almost did)
But Im wondering what I should be asking her before we start with her. There is another midwife who lives outside our area but will drive here.. and there is a birthing center where I already know the midwives and they are great. So I want to make sure we're considering everything there is to consider, even though we will probably go with the MW who lives here.

I know I should ask about what she looks for as far as signs of distress in the baby, when she would transfer, her plan and relationship with those who she transfers to (in the hospital. I know the birthing center MWs have a great relationship with the hospital staff)... what her response would be to signs of distress, etc...
But not sure if there are more specific questions than that I should be asking...

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