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Re: Odds of another early baby?

Originally Posted by Mama*Kim View Post
According to the doctors (including a neonatologist) when he was born, the 36th week is considered premature. He was on the late end of that and we're very happy he's healthy, but that's why I worry that another baby might come earlier.
I might have misunderstood what I read then. 34 to 36 weeks is generally called late preterm, so I'd assumed anything after 36 weeks {as in 36 plus one 3 days} was considered normal. It's also the cutoff for many homebirth midwives. I've never heard of a midwife willing to attend a birth before 36 weeks, but many will attend them days after. It can still be considered within the realm of normal for some because of the inaccuracy in dating methods and the differences in women's bodies/labors....especially if a woman has previously birthed on the early end of full term and had healthy babies. Having talked to midwives about this while checking the studies may have colored my understanding of the dating. I didn't know that the studies encompassed the entire week.

I had a 33 weeker, and with my next pregnancy, I researched fetal development, the medical procedures available, and their success rates for each and every week so I would know exactly what decisions to make in the heat of the moment, just in case it happened again. I remember hitting the 36 week mark and feeling so conflicted. There was so much conflicting information out there on when intervention is needed. My big dilemma was whether to birth at home or the hospital at that point. I can completely understand feeling unsure about whether you're at risk or not. Its terrifying to think of our babies in the NICU.

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