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Re: TTC 30+ 12/21-1/4 come on holiday babies!

Originally Posted by sweetgrace View Post
Oh Becky I hope I wasn't sounding discouraging! I was just sharing my story. I know the whole30 works for many, it just didn't for me. The main reasons are about the same as your reasons. I make too make excuses and with no flexibiltiy in my diet I over endulge. Finding what works for you is key to success! You can do it! BTW, I loved the whole30 salad with cauliflower, artichoke hearts, olives, baby bok choy and some other goodies. I can't remember the name of it right now but Oh yeah, it was good!
oh it's ok, im sure you meant well...just that i've gotten a LOT of "whoa i could never do that" and "why in the world cant you eat beans?!" ...and way more people being skeptical than supportive...and they're all acting like it's a FOREVER thing more than a reset which is what i feel i sorely need to get my butt into gear...and i mean. it's only 30 days. i also plan to start ww in the midst of this so im already on plan when the 30 is up...anyways...

on the positive side, a few of my friends have actually joined my hubs and i!

afm: i keep getting phantom baby kicks...all cycle long, actually...totally weird.
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