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Would I be happy in a bigger house?

We have a 1,400sf home with an attached two car garage and a full basement. The basement is unfinished, but holds my laundry area and has lots of room for storage. We could potentially refinish our basement to create a playroom.
Currently we have two children who each have their own bedrooms. We do not have a playroom, so their toys are in their bedrooms and our living room. Somedays our house just feels so small! I am making strides to purge, but I am not sure how much purging will help our small home.
We do have thoughts of possibly having another baby, but I can't imagine three kids in this small house. My DH and I would ideally like to move out of state to be closer to family, but the right opportunity hasn't arisen yet. His current job is very stable, and pays well. We recently had a conversation about buying a larger home in the town where we currently live until we are eventually able to make the bigger move.
I keep rethinking this idea, though, and wonder if I should just stay in our little home, or would a bigger house be nice? I know many people here live in small homes or apartments, please tell me how to make it work!
Oh, and a side note - my DH bought this house 10 years ago which was before we even met. I do finally feel as though this is my home, too, but I still have a desire to pick out my own home with him!
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