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Re: Would I be happy in a bigger house?

Maybe. I think it also depends on the floorplan. I am happy in about a 1200-1400 square foot space (my apt now) and we are looking to move soon and I am having a similar dilemma. I don't want a ton of more rooms to clean/furnish. We have one baby now, but I think we will have three to four at the most. I still think I could live in 1400 though. I imagine a greatroom for living, kitchen, dining, playing. kids bedrooms on one end of the house and ours on the other side, maybe as a loft. (I love efficient use of space). I also will need a yard to play/entertain. My current house (2 apts, Im upstairs) is laid out poorly IMO, but it was built in 1890 when needs were different...sigh
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