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Re: Would I be happy in a bigger house?

We are in a small 2 bed, 1 bath, 1 garage house. It flows well though, because we remodelled it and a wall was taken out before we even got it. It is a 1950's house and had a built in eating booth in the original pink kitchen, hehe.

So, when we did the kitchen, we pulled out the booth and now that space is all part of the kitchen, so the kitchen is out-size for the size of the house and that suits me just fiiiiine, lol. I even have my deep freeze in there.

We also have a decent sized laundry, which we fitted out with storage, a bench and power points and the washer and dryer are stacked to give more floor space.

Boys are in bunks and when we were pregnant with #3 we planned to eventually put a trundle under the bunks for kid #3, then later on maybe the bunks and a single in the one room. It's not a big room either. All toys fit in their room.

The only thing we'd like is an extra 'nook', not even a room really, for dh's desk/computer etc. His desk is in our bedroom which is ok, but occasionally it gets out of hand with bills and bits of paper. Not way out of hand, but seeing as it's the bedroom, I'd prefer it always to be under control, neat and uncluttered.

About 2 years ago we were def in the market for a 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 car on a full block. So glad we didn't follow through on that.
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