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Re: Math u see

Thanks ladies! I would consider dd an average kid, def not advanced. She knows colors, quite a few shapes (cicrle, square, diamont, triangle, heart, star) and counting to 12, we are working in written number recognition.

I'll hold off on the math u see. I ordered a few preschool workbooks today (prewriting skills, counting, scisor use) and we'll work our way through those. I have a bunch of preschool and kindergarten packages printed but it feels very overwhelming on where to start, which one first, which pages to do. Work book just seems a little less ... Scary to start as we can just follow page for page until we both get a feel for how this will go. The upside is she LOVES worksheets and seems to be very distracted with game play (i even got a few board games like candyland for us to play, but the take turns seems to lose her attention quick. Lol)
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