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distraught over pooping

my dd is 18 months. we aren't potty training her yet but she does use the potty when we take her and has been since 4 months or so.
recently when dd poops she gets upset. yesterday she pooped accidentally in the shower and stood there screaming and crying until i flushed it. i mean red face shaking crying and kept saying nasty. she wouldnt stay out of the shower when i got her out of it.

then tonight she was running around naked. i knew she had to go but she wouldnt sit on potty. finally she stopped playing and i smelled it coming and got her to potty. she screamed the whole time it was coming out. screaming and crying and shaking saying nasty and everything. i kept trying to calm her telling her she was a good girl shes supposed to poop on the potty.

this is a new reaction. she was pooping on potty just fine everyday for weeks then she backpeddaled and only went in her diaper but shes never had this reaction to it. anyone know what could be up? oh and she isn't constipated and the poop is not hard.
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