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Originally Posted by willowmom
Cloth on small babies just seems big because we are basically programmed being used to the "disposable look". I always thought it looked huge on her until she was bigger. I never used a OS diaper until LO was 6 or 7 months...I only had prefolds and covers in the beginning which were fine and not leaky (unless DH changed her, and there was some diaper sticking out of the cover!) Plus they are cheap and easy.
You are so right about the perception of the uber trimness of sposies. You get used to it and I'm sure they do too...

What system did you use? These just Sony feel comfortable for her. They're so bunched up from being scrunched down to the small size that the leg holes and waist are hard. The one size just has too much fabric and no rise adjustment to make them look comfortable. I'd love fitteds or hybrid contours I think... Prefolds always intimidated me though. But if i could get someone to show me, I'm sure I could learn!!
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