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Yesterday's workout was triceps, chest, and core. My arms may as well have been gnawed off by a banshee; I am SO sore!! I love my workout guy and I hate him. Today's workout will be biceps, legs, and a little core.

Anyway, I did well on eating yesterday, despite a few hurdles. I went to work and the owner and another co-worker talked me into going to lunch. We went to one of our fave (non-chain) burger joints. On their menu was a grilled chicken breast salad and it had a sticker next to it stating it was Metabolic Research Center approved. I've done MRC so I'm familiar with the types of food they allow and I decided to get it. It was so giant I couldn't finish it and it was delicious! Dodged that bullet.

Get back to work and my boss calls me--she's on her way--and asks if I want anything. I declined but when she arrived she plopped a 44 oz coke right down in front of me. She said she knew I was trying to lose weight but thought I might need it (things are STRESSFUL at work right now.) Ugh. I thanked her and popped my straw in. I ended up drinking half and dumped the rest when she wasn't looking.

After work, the owner and my boss (they are sisters) convince me to go to Applebee's for a drink. (I really need to grow a back bone, right?!) I had 1 drink and an appetizer. I entered those things in MFP and I was pissed that I had gone over my calories because of that soda, then I remembered I only drank 1/2 so I changed my calories on that and came in under 4 calories for the day!
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