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Originally Posted by Psychomom
Yesterday's workout was triceps, chest, and core. My arms may as well have been gnawed off by a banshee; I am SO sore!! I love my workout guy and I hate him. Today's workout will be biceps, legs, and a little core.

Anyway, I did well on eating yesterday, despite a few hurdles. I went to work and the owner and another co-worker talked me into going to lunch. We went to one of our fave (non-chain) burger joints. On their menu was a grilled chicken breast salad and it had a sticker next to it stating it was Metabolic Research Center approved. I've done MRC so I'm familiar with the types of food they allow and I decided to get it. It was so giant I couldn't finish it and it was delicious! Dodged that bullet.

Get back to work and my boss calls me--she's on her way--and asks if I want anything. I declined but when she arrived she plopped a 44 oz coke right down in front of me. She said she knew I was trying to lose weight but thought I might need it (things are STRESSFUL at work right now.) Ugh. I thanked her and popped my straw in. I ended up drinking half and dumped the rest when she wasn't looking.

After work, the owner and my boss (they are sisters) convince me to go to Applebee's for a drink. (I really need to grow a back bone, right?!) I had 1 drink and an appetizer. I entered those things in MFP and I was pissed that I had gone over my calories because of that soda, then I remembered I only drank 1/2 so I changed my calories on that and came in under 4 calories for the day!
It sounds like with given your situations during the day your making great choices. You do not have to give up the foods and life you had you just have I do it in moderation.
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