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Re: Anyone work out?

I've just started running after work. It's not much, only about 20 mins right now since I'm just getting back into it, but it's a run. I would much rather be one of those crazies that works out in the morning. I've always been a morning work out kinda person. But as it is I wake up at 5am and I'm not going any earlier! I have never been good at after work workouts because there are just too many excuses, but hopefully not going home first will help me stick to this plan. Plus I have more running buddies if I go after work.

Is there a reason DH doesn't cook? Could you have him in the kitchen helping you for a couple months so he learns a little bit around the kitchen? I would not be a happy wife if he was home all day and didn't cook dinner. DH and I mostly cook together and we've both learned a lot by cooking together. That's also 'our' time to talk about our days and stuff. Taste of Home has an excellent Crock Pot meals cook book and I just got a new Casserole Queens Cook book. Both of those could work so all he has to do is plug in the crock pot or stick a casserole in the oven. The Casserole one has a bunch of freezer friendly meals too, so you could get some 'cooking' done on the weekend and free up some of your evening.
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