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Have you ever taken Vitex?

My naturopathic doctor prescribed me a Vitex tincture, to be taken by 1tsp once a day. Lately I seem to have trouble getting a baby to stick. I had a chemical back in September, I was still bf'ing my 15 month old and had not yet had my first pp AF (not sure if that really matters). Then the following month I got pg again. This time I had a missed m/c, the baby died around 8w and I didn't know until around 12w (I then had a D&C because I had horrible lower back pain and my body wasn't passing anything). Anyway, I went to see my naturopath because I was concerned my hormones were out of balance due to pregnancy and child birth. He thought this might be the problem so he prescribed Vitex to help regulate things and get my baby to stick (because it increases progesterone production). It is the only remedy we could work with right now because this was my first m/c and age is not an issue.

Anyway, my main question is if you have used Vitex, did you find it was successful at regulating your cycles and getting a sticky bean? I would like to know because the stuff is expensive, $57.50 for a 250ml bottle, and tastes absolutely horrendous! If you can help, thanks!
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