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Not Pumping Anymore HELP

MY DD is 10 months old and I work 3 days a week. At about 6 months (when she started solids) i started my period and i could notice a decrease in my milk supply. I have not had to supplement besides from my freezer stash thank God and was still at least getting a few ounces while at work with the pump but the past month I cannot pump A DROP!!! I dont know whats wrong, i try three times every day I work and nothing let down is very slow but my dd has been patient with it and the days I'm home she seems satisfied and I dont have to worry about it. However, I am afraid now that I cannot pump anything at work my supply will derease further.

Not sure what to do but any advice is welcome!!!

I have tried fenugreek and am taking it regularly now but that obviously isnt helping!

Thanks in advance!!
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