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Re: maternity clothes, baby clothes & children's clothes?

I "think" we're done having kids and after #3 came I got rid if all my mat clothes. All my girl stuff I gave away since #3 was a boy. All my boy stuff went I my sis after ods and it came back when yds came. Plus I send it all back to her when we're done each size. I didn't hang onto to anything since thrift stores are so easy to get stuff. I kept 1 sleeper per child as a keepsake.

The biggest reason is when my mom and mil gave me the keepsake stuff I just didn't want it. It was old, yellow. Yes there were a few things that mattered but I've decided that I'd rather have someone love this stuff than have it yellow for 25 years to then have my kids throw it out cuz they don't like it.

But..... It took me to yds was over a year to get to this place
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