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EC'ing an infant w/ gas?

I'd like your opinions and experience, please!
Before dd was born, I read EC books and intended to begin right away. Unfortunately, she was born with horrible gas from the get-go. Crying almost all the time, bringing her legs up in pain, etc.. It was hard to tell any 'cues' or signals. Once in a while during those first 2 months, she would pee when I changed her diaper and I made the 'psss' sound. She only pooped every 7-10 days, so catching that was near impossible. Also note that we're in Seattle and so going pants/diaper-free is not an option due to our house being COLD all the time.
Now dd is 4.5 months old. She's still EBF. Gas is a little better, but still an issue. When she wakes up from naps, I have no chance to run to the bathroom and have her 'try' over the sink because she'll scream until she gets food. There's no way to practically do that.
Any suggestions? Do I just need to wait until the summer when it's warmer, or when her gas is better so that I can read cues more effectively (she's still going poop only 1-2x/week).
Any help greatly appreciated!!
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