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Re: TTC 30+ 1/4-1/25 new year, new baby!

Originally Posted by TonyKariTony View Post
Kate~ I tested once on CD8 and twice on CD9, I might have tested once on CD7 but not sure, anyway, they were all clearly neg.
Today my test was lighter than yesterday's tests... I think I might have missed the surge.
Did you just miss the surge on the OPKs or "missed the surge" as in not bding? That would stink either way.

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Hmmm...I guess my update is I'm in limbo Really though, I think I can go to :
I am so excited for you. I hope they pick the healthiest babies to make a home in your belly. Best of luck. I would be a wreck waiting for the big day. I would totally spoil myself all day starting with the accupuncture as well.

Becky- GL with your resolution. I hope these are a little one nestling in and not just from the diet.

Originally Posted by JCPACandMommy View Post
Good luck Carrie!!!!
I had my CD2 US today so will await the results and get started on my meds in the next couple of days!! Here's to a fast Rainbow baby!!!
Can't wait to hear the results. Have you heard anything yet?

Originally Posted by Maddalena View Post
Hi all. It's been a long time since last I updated. I'm on to cycle number 23. I FINALLY got an Obgyn appointment Thursday. I suspect.something is really wrong as my monthlies are beyond heavy, passing clots the size of the palm of my hand, and my monthlies often last 9-11 says. Maybe if we can find out what's up and fix it, I'll be able to get pregnant again.
I hope your OB can help you out with what is going on with your uterus that your periods are so bad.

AFM: I am finally on the mend. I got a call today that my throat culture was indeed growing strep. Since I was strep positive, they are certain that the pain is from my lymph nodes swelling up around my appendix, mimicking appendicitis. The Dr called in an antibiotic and hopefully the swelling will go down and the pain will leave. An incidental finding though during this process is, that it looks like I might have PCOS. My right ovary was significantly enlarged and my left ovary had a lot of smaller cysts in it. So I guess that might be part of my difficulty with getting pregnant.
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