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Re: Anyone work out?

Originally Posted by 1healthylady View Post
Is there a reason DH doesn't cook? Could you have him in the kitchen helping you for a couple months so he learns a little bit around the kitchen? I would not be a happy wife if he was home all day and didn't cook dinner.

What are his hours? Is the daycare way out of his way to work? Could he help with the drop offs and pick ups?

I still think your schedule makes it really hard to actually work out. Even if you get up early, you'll see something else you need to do, and by the time you start your workout, one of the kids is waking up. For a few years at least your life is not your own. But, as the kids get older it gets much easier.

I do wonder though if your husband can pitch in a little more. Even if it's just to get dinner started, or heated or something.
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