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Re: Kissaluv, Imsi, Tutto, Thirsties Duo Fab,Wonder W,BGE,BG

Originally Posted by LoveUsAll View Post
Hope your day is going well.
I was wondering how many of the hemp m/L kissaluv fitted diapers were left? How many of the m/L cotton kissaluvs are left? Is the large Imse cover available and any of the mediums? In your opinion do those covers run big or small? What about Thirties covers? I am very interested in your stuff!
I was just logging on to update so this is perfect! ;-)

I have 15 size M/L organic cotton Kissaluvs
4 Hemp M/L with snap out doubler
18 Contour/Hibrids
11 + 1 older style with purple stitching size 1 Kissaluvs

3 Size Medium Imsi Vimse
2 Size Super Large

Bumis super whisper wrap in Medium (white with light green dots)

Thirsties Wraps all Medium
2 Papays
2 Aqua
1 Violet

4 Wonder Wraps

10 Size Medium Thirsties Duo Fitted Diapers

1 BGE in Zinnia
1 BG in Albert

Itti Bitti Tutto
1 Jade
1Baby Pink

and i'm sure i'm forgetting something ;-)

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