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Re: Amazon GC use on HC?

Originally Posted by LittleBoppers View Post
I don't think you can actually purchase through HC and checkout with an Amazon gift card, but I'll bet a lot of WAHMs would be willing to accept payment in the form of an Amazon gift card (myself included, although no one has ever done so before so I'm not positive how it would work). So if there's a WAHM you're interested in doing that with, you should just PM/email them and ask. Can't hurt to try, right?
I think you are right, actually I am pretty sure you are. They just have it set up that you can have a wishlist from any site, I wonder what the use of that is

I might just try what you are saying though and ask a WAHM about it. I guess you probably just give them the code off the card right? I'll have to look into that first though.

My Dad lives in the US and sent me the card, very kindly, but I can't use it on and being in Canada makes it more difficult to use.
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