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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More week of December 31st

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Carrie- I am so excited for you!!! That went fast didn't it??? I can't believe it is almost your transfer day!!!! Everything sounds perfect! We also transferred 2 five day embryos- only ours were frozen. I can't wait to hear more updates from you! Oh- I also wanted to say that our numbers are very similar- we ended up with 8 frozen- because we had 6 fertilize right away and 2 more later. It is so amazing t learn so much about the process- and then to get photos of the embryos before they put them back in!!! It is incredible!

Carissa-Fingers crossed for you!
Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Oh- last question Carrie- Are you doing progesterone shots or Crinone? Estrogen too?
Yes, once this cycle started, it felt like a roller coaster ride! Of course I do have my fingers crossed that we'll have a couple of additional late embryos & hope that Tuesday goes well. They have me doing Crinone in the morning & Estrace at night w/ aspirin & prenatals in the morning. Nobody said anything about pics of embryos; that would be so neat!

Um, I'm not really surprised b/c of the pain when I woke up in the middle, but MAN, the girly bits have been abused & it hurts just a wee bit
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