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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

I've got to say, I'm an extremely modest person, but with DD I've basically just had to get over it. She will not nurse with a cover or my shirt on her face. She will scream bloody murder and not latch until the cover comes off. She needs to be able to see me. DS never did that. DD is also very nosy! She latches and unlatches to look around in one feeding more times than I can count. So I try my best to find a discrete place to nurse, but at the end of the day my daughter needs to eat so my values of modesty are basically thrown out the window. I try to just make eye contact with DD and block everything else out.

I'm curious though about you saying she's not committed to bfing. 8 months seems pretty darn committed to me! Especially considering most never even make it to 6 months. I understand the goal to bf for as long as possible, but it's also important to celebrate the journey along the way and wherever it ends.

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