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Re: Is the OB office not taking me seriously?

Originally Posted by MyM&W View Post
Well the pcp said something does sound off. She was willing to test a bunch of stuff. Thyroid, full panel, vitamins, blood sugar, I thought she said a couple other things as well...can't remember. But they did do an a1c today and it was 5.2 which is the exact same # as 4 months ago! Yay! But I have to go into the office Monday morning to do all the other tests fasting. Other then that not much else has been done at this point. But according to this am weigh in I've gained 16lbs . Ill update with any news I get next week.
I'm glad to see your pcp took you more seriously. I hope they find the cause of all your issues. I would have asked for vit B and vit D also to be checked. I just found out my vit d and iron is low, and that's why my body aches, I'm freezing all the time, and I'm soooo tired, and dizzy.

Good luck to you! It sounds a lot like your thyroid is acting up, especially with the weight changes. I hope it all levels out for you in the end
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