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Re: RLR Disaster Help please!

Originally Posted by mrsbernstein View Post
Thanks y'all!

To the poster who said, "Wash until the bubbles are gone"...I have NEVER HAD BUBBLES! I don't have them with my regular detergent or even with the dreaded RLR. :-(

I have a F/ how does that work with adding a squirt of Dawn?

I know I sound like a spoiled child, but at this point, I really hate to add ANOTHER mix of soap/additive to the mix when the first two were such disasters. :-(

I am doing "regular" laundry now, but am open to rinsing like there is no tomorrow this weekend. Since I have never had bubbles, how many more washes/rinses would y'all do? Also, our hot water IS set on that shouldn't be an issue.

Thank yoU!

Mrs B

WOW - no suds with RLR. My guess is that your water is really hard.

I'd do the dawn stripping. For a FL I just put a little squirt into the detergent compartment. You should definitely see bubbles with the Dawn.

I would also use a little bleach to make sure that everything is killed in those diapers that would potentially be causing the rash.

Do the diapers smell like anything?? When they are soiled?
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