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Re: RLR Disaster Help please!

My guess would be not necessarily hard water, but not enough water in the FL to make bubbles.

I would bet money that, as I said above, it's a residue issue and I'm even more sure of that now that you said you have a Front Loader.

I would seriously consider a bath tub full of hot, hot water to soak all the fitteds in to try to break up and remove some of that residue. OR, better yet, see if you can borrow a top loader and I bet you anything you'll have a load of bubbles!

Originally Posted by fish3737 View Post
WOW - no suds with RLR. My guess is that your water is really hard.

I'd do the dawn stripping. For a FL I just put a little squirt into the detergent compartment. You should definitely see bubbles with the Dawn.

I would also use a little bleach to make sure that everything is killed in those diapers that would potentially be causing the rash.

Do the diapers smell like anything?? When they are soiled?
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