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Re: RLR Disaster Help please!

Thanks y'all!

For the most part, we only have the "barn yard" after he pees. MOST of my diapers have NO stinky pre-use. A few do if you smell really hard...but it's not like they knock you over. It's pretty subtle. And not ALL of them.

My mom has a TL, but it's an H/E, so not good there.

We already know that Eds has several sensativities, which is why I'm not open to trying more/different stuff at this moment. I just want to FIX what I've already broken. Our current laundry detergent (for better or worse to his diapers) seems to work very well for his skin.

I can do a tub soak this weekend with NO additives. For the bleach, would this bypass everything else? Or this in "addition-to"?

Thank you!

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