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Re: RLR Disaster Help please!

Originally Posted by September View Post
My guess would be not necessarily hard water, but not enough water in the FL to make bubbles.

I would bet money that, as I said above, it's a residue issue and I'm even more sure of that now that you said you have a Front Loader.

I would seriously consider a bath tub full of hot, hot water to soak all the fitteds in to try to break up and remove some of that residue. OR, better yet, see if you can borrow a top loader and I bet you anything you'll have a load of bubbles!
I think it is probably both. I used 1/4 a packet of RLR in my FL once - I have super soft water. I had bubbles to the top of the FL. To even be able to open the door to get the diapers out it took 5 or 6 rinses.

Originally Posted by mrsbernstein View Post
Thanks y'all!

For the most part, we only have the "barn yard" after he pees. MOST of my diapers have NO stinky pre-use. A few do if you smell really hard...but it's not like they knock you over. It's pretty subtle. And not ALL of them.

My mom has a TL, but it's an H/E, so not good there.

We already know that Eds has several sensativities, which is why I'm not open to trying more/different stuff at this moment. I just want to FIX what I've already broken. Our current laundry detergent (for better or worse to his diapers) seems to work very well for his skin.

I can do a tub soak this weekend with NO additives. For the bleach, would this bypass everything else? Or this in "addition-to"?

Thank you!

The barnyard stink is generally - the laundry needs more detergent issue. Did you already say how much you are using?

I would strip with the Dawn, wash it with some bleach.

Bac-Out gave my kids rashes as well. Which is a bummer because it is made locally, available everywhere and at a good price.
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