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Re: For the love of reading group! ~JANUARY 2013~ *Join us!*

Just when I think my daughter is 3 and I should maybe leave DS I discover frugal family threads just the day after I made my budget and this reading thread the very night I insisted my children turn off the electronics and go to bed with a book!

Originally Posted by Rainfall View Post
On my Nook, I have started Anne of Green Gables as my first book of the year. I missed out on this when I was younger and was excited to check it out. It's a really fun read so far. I would have gobbled this and the entire series up as a young girl, I just know it.
We bought that for my daughter for Christmas about 4 years ago and she has never touched it. I will grab it off the shelf and read it with you. Starting tomorrow. It is too late tonight.

I see you like to read some classics and I'd like to get back to classics too (but no exclusively). This will be inspiring me to get back to those.

Originally Posted by Jpgrl75 View Post
One of my resolutions is to simply read more - much more. DH and I watch a lot of TV and surf the web at night so I want to detach and go escape in my mind.
Same here. And an interesting observation from me about Harry Potter: 1) I did not like the first book at all, yet everyone raves about it. 2) The middle of the series was more exciting to me. 3) I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in my mother tongue and it was the book I enjoyed the most. It is also the first one of all the books that made me love the series (I struggled through the rest because I was teaching tweens and teens and wanted to know what they were going on about). I concluded that I connected better with HP in my mother tongue as it is about school and teen angst etc. I did all that in my mother tongue; therefore, it hit more home in Afrikaans.
Decided to close my ETSY store because of CPSA regulations that I was not aware of when I started out.
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