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I had a dr appt last week where I wanted to talk seriously about what my "last day to attempt VBAC would be."

My due date is the 23rd. Baby measured small at 8 weeks and they pushed it back a week giving me an extra week to attempt a VBAC. I was excited. After my second u/s, I was worried they would change it back since she measured back at the original date of the 23rd. I have been praying that this appt would go well and the dr would be sticking to the March 2nd as my due date which would let me go to 41 weeks instead of 40 without a fight.

So.... I get to my appt and they tell me they have been trying to call me all day and my dr went home sick... The other OB might be able to see me if I want to wait and see... I drove an hour to get there, my husband left work early and I really didn't want to come back in a couple days. A midwife ended up agreeing to see me(which was totally awesome). She told me they had the 23rd written down as my due date and Basically I told her the truth of it all, showed her my dating u/s and she made sure they changed it to the 2nd. it was awesome that she particularly had a heart for VBAC patients and thought that extra week was just as important as I did. I am glad it was her and not my OB I was having the discussion with

Of course I hope I don't go overdue and it doesn't matter
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