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Re: NTNP December 30th - January 5th

Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
I went out grocery shopping for 4 hours without babies yesterday! It was so great! I realized though that thats the longest I've gone without breastfeeding since he was born. I'm working on getting him to eat more solids (he loves his milk ) so hopefully if I can work on spacing out his nursing that might help with my fertility.
Yay for getting out on your own! It always amazes me how much more quickly I can get things done on my own. Its like you get so used to doing things with the kids that you forget what it is like to do them on your own Glad you had a nice time!

Originally Posted by foolsgold View Post
Ok so this is my "Hello everyone" post.....
So we are actually TTA (mostly) but just tracking my cycle and CM. But yesterday I *cough* molested hubby and today woke up w/ either a LOT of CM or post sex goo as I didn't shower last night after sex. So I looked at my chart and that's when I realized I am in the middle of my fertile period and go "OH CRAP!". So I Guess I am under the TWW now but sorta praying for a BFN?
I mean DS is 32 months now and I would LIKE another child soon but w/ the job hubby is at right now we don't have insurance and we are going to be trying to move here in the next few months so it wouldn't be an ideal time lol.
Welcome mama! I will get you added to the list. I hope that everything works out the way that you want it to. Regardless though, I am sure that everything will be ok in the end

AFM: Nothing too exciting today. Hope you ladies have a great day!!
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