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Closed! First and second winners pmed! FFS Old Diapers

Okay, these were given to me by my aunt and used on her kids. (They are between 10 and 15) I never used them, they smell heavily of laundry detergent. I'm listing it as one lotto, but whoever wins will be able to choose what they want, and I will move on until everything is taken. I will ship using FR items, so either padded envelopes or boxes.

All diapers have aplix (or velcro, if they didn't have aplix then) closure and are fitted diapers. There were also a handful of dappy like diaper covers, if you are interested in those, let me know and I will throw them in. Again, I didn't use these, so I can't attest to how they work. Some are stained, some not so much.

Indisposables S x 24 10
Go Mango (No size, but pretty close to the indisposables, I think) x 4
Cushies x 4
Misc. unmarked x 4
Indisposables L x 1

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