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Re: Stripping/Sweeping membranes?

Originally Posted by alexandme View Post
I had it done last time to try and avoid an induction. I had high blood pressure that wasn't going down even with bedrest so my doc tried stripping my membranes to get things going on their own over a weekend before doing an induction on monday. I was 39.5 weeks.
It was uncomfortable but not painful. I was crampy for the rest of the day. It did not start labor.
What they are actually doing is manually dislodging your mucous plug.

I don't think my family practice doc I had last time and the midwife I have now would not offer or consider doing it unless it was a case of trying to avoid an induction for a medical reason like before.
well thats why we are trying this. I cant be induced because this will be a VBAC, so im trying everything else to try and 'induce' labor or get things going before I have to have a repeat c-section.

Sounds like it works about half the time....and if its going to do anything it tends to do stuff within the first couple days afterwards. I guess we will see, huh! Im not holding my breath or anything, but I will try anything to keep from having another c-section. If I have a 2nd section, i wont ever be able to have a vaginal with any of my future kids either
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