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Originally Posted by kaia.aline View Post
Everything in me screams no formula but I am so mentally, physically, emotionally exhausted. I just don't know what to do she has severe reflux and is up eating every hour or more lately so of course I'm the one up with her since she's ebf, plus she's so attached to me she sleeps in my arms or she will only sleep 10-15m at a time. I just don't know what to do
So sorry mama. I have 2 friends who were in similar situations (1 reflux baby and 1 undiagnosed allergies). They both weaned to formula and did much better, but they weren't anti-formula to begin with. If nursing is truly the most important thing, Id look into some diet changes and other things you can do to help with reflux. But I will say if you can't do it anymore, that's ok. It doesn't make you a bad mother. Good luck mama!!
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