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What do I do with all these toys!

So, I wouldn't call myself minimalist exactly, but I am very particular about the quality of the things we keep around. I like everything to look nice, so if it doesn't have a home I try to find a home for it elsewhere, if you know what I mean.

I have been nicely, but adamantly vocal about which kinds of toys I would like DS to have. I was very general rather than specific however, and now I find that for Christmas almost everyone listened! And now we have an over abundance of very nice toys! There are no duplicates, but there are some similar pieces; ie. a wooden race car and a wooden jeep. I am not sure how to purge his room because almost everything is quality stuff. There are definitely junky pieces in there, but they are things he actually plays with, so I am not sure I want to get rid of those things just yet.

I might just give it some time and see which things fall out of favor. I have also thought about doing a toy rotation so it isn't cluttering up his shelves. I am not such a big fan of that one since I don't trust myself to remember to rotate them. I have also thought about just getting some bins so everything looks neat even if there is a lot there.

What would you all do?
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