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Re: What do I do with all these toys!

I'm not a true minimalist, so take this with a grain of salt.

I'd start by getting rid of the stuff you said was junky. I know you said he plays with them, but I think the junky flashy toys tend to be very exciting but only for a short period of time, and won't withstand the long term play that you're probably looking for in his toys.

You could even set those things aside and give them a time frame (like, let him play for one or two more weeks then get rid of them). For example, our son got a remote control car for Christmas, and so we let him have it for a little while and yesterday we decided to donate it. The cool shiny new toy had already worn off, and he was starting to take the battery cover off and play with the cord instead. He didn't even seem interested when DH was playing with it, haha.

I don't mind having similar items, depending on what it is. We have several cars, for example, but they all get used, and some work differently than others. Having a few of a certain type of toy isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if they have friends come over or whatever.

What I tend to do, though, is split things up a bit. We keep a few cars downstairs in the play area, and a few cars upstairs in his bedroom. Would something like that work for you? I'm not sure what your toy situation or set-up is, though. We keep a small number of toys in his bedroom, he doesn't play up there much so I keep it very simple, and those toys tend to be a bit "newer" because he doesn't play with them as much.

Does he have somewhere he visits regularly? Say, a grandparent's house? You could also send a container of nice toys over there so he has nice things to play with when he goes there.
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