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Re: Back to Work So Sad

I know that it is so, so hard right now. I agree with the poster who talks about appreciating your time together more. You'll have to let go of the non-essentials. My house is no longer spotless and the laundry piles up until the weekend. Along the way you'll figure out little shortcuts that make your life easier. Definitely talk with your SIL about what will help you feel more connected to your baby while at daycare, whether it's calling to check on her, taking pictures, writing down the cute little things she does, etc. Last of all, don't ever think your baby will forget you're her mom. I work at a daycare and there isn't a single child whose face doesn't light up when mom or dad enters the room. She knows you, loves you, and needs you no matter what. It's all about your quality of time together, not just quantity.
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