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Re: What is your ideal home floor plan?

The house you're describing is really similar to the house I live in (which I love)...we live in an oversized everything is on one floor, except we have a finished basement with a guest room and a playroom for the kids.

We have 3 bedrooms on the main floor, a laundry room, a large kitchen that overlooks the backyard...a large living room, and 2 bathrooms (1 master, and 1 for the kids)...then my husband has a detached office behind the garage (which connects to the house).

I really love it. It works beautifully for us.

Originally Posted by toys2teach View Post
I read lots of post about big houses verses small and how different layouts really make a difference. This got me to thinking what everyone ideal floor plan would be.

Right now we are in a 2200 sq ft home. We are getting ready to put it on the market to down size though. The layout is not working for us. The house is long and the stairs are at the front door. If you are in the sunroom you have a long way to walk if you actually want to put an upstairs item back in its proper home..... so it just doesn't happen.

I would love to have more of a square shaped home where all rooms are easy to access. A large basement for a den/kid area would be AWESOME. However basement homes are hard to come by in North Carolina

I want everything on one level (besides the basement). 3 bedrooms and 2 bath rooms. Still deciding if I would prefer a split bedroom floor plan or not. Our kids are all 5 and under so right now it is great having our rom right next to theirs since they often come in to snuggle or wake up crying at night. As they get older though it would be nice to have more of a private master bedroom away from the kids areas.

I would like to be able to see into the living room from the kitchen and also have windows in the kitchen that look out into the back yard so i can wacth the kids play while washing dishes and such. I want to have an attached garage that is converted into an office/game room/storage room and then a detached garage with a workshop.

That is all for now- please excuse the very unorganized format of my floor plan I would love to hear about what layout has worked for other families or what you think would work best and such

ooohhh- I like this one

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