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Re: Thinking about quitting and i feel like a failure

I highly suggest you look into a Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Get "Everyday Grain-free Gourmet," by Jenny Lass. Read through page 12 and you will see yourself in this book! It is easier than doing elimination Cut out all dairy and soy. Add MegaFlora Plus ( or Amazon) along with Their gluten and dairy free Megazymes to your diet. Have you tried Gripe Water?

Your daughter is gaining. Is she peeing and pooping? Is she active and social or crying all the time? I have small babies...that grow slowly. My middle children are downright small... 4th percentile. They have Daddy's body type. At 18 months our former ped wanted to label our son Failure to Thrive and Demanded weekly weights. I dropped her like a rock! My son was highly active, had good coloring, was never sick and He Ate! Now, he's nearly 8 and he is still small. So, was Daddy. So, is our second DD. My 1st and 4th children have my body type....not lean, not thin, but not overweight...barely 25th percentile. lol.

Trust yourself. Do only what is absolutely necessary in your day. Breathe.
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