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Re: Introduce yourself!

Hi Everyone! :waves:

My name is Heather, I am 27, and I have been married to my DH for almost 8 years

We have 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl... Jason (6.5), Tyler (5), Micah (3.5), Emilie (19 months), and we have JUST decided that instead of stopping at 5, we would like to have 7 kids! We were high school sweethearts, both homeschooled by our moms that were friends, and both come from large families (He has 13 siblings, I have 8 siblings).

We live on his second cousin's ranch/farm, and as they have no children, they are passing it down to us when they retire/pass away. We raise free-range chickens and grassfed beef, and we garden recreationally (the produce is SO nice, but I"m still learning to can, so we don't wanna jump TOO far too fast lol!). We've lived here for 2.5 years, and live in a mobile home on the property while we wait for their new little house to get built next to the homestead, and then we will move into the homestead

I am a WAHM, and my business is Baby Snickerdoodles. I make LOTS of things, but my primary fluff is recycled wool covers. I've had this business for 3 years, and it is a nice little income to help fund our diapering needs, homeschool supplies, and supplement DH's income, which is very seasonal with the buying/selling of our calves and selling our beef and eggs.

We are a Christian family, and feel SO blessed to be where we are! We are planning a home waterbirth, which would be my 4th VBAC, and my 3rd home birth! We attempted a waterbirth with Emilie, but I was having pelvic nerve pain, and was trying different positions by my bed when she started crowning lol! I REALLY REALLY want to be IN the water this time around!!!

I will have a couple checkups with my last midwife just to make sure I'm doing okay, and get the heart tones, but for the birth we will be going unassisted (in an official sense), but DH's sister who attends births as a lay midwife/doula/massage therapist, will be coaching me. We live 7 minutes from a hospital, and 25 minutes from a major medical college hospital, which is VERY nice incase of a transfer!

Okey doke, I guess that's it!
Heather, Loving wife to Jon & Mama to Jason (9), Tyler (8) ,
Micah (6) , Emilie (4) , and Olivia
We are Cattle Ranchers, Messianic believers, selective-vaxers, home birthers, and 2nd generation homeschoolers
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