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dipe game-click ;)

ds is PLed mostly, im bored, kinda miss dipes lol so i made a game. anyone can play, please play lol. if you make it through all the levels by 10 tonight EST i will send you a single dipe ffs from what i have fsot.

night dipes must include a cover, extra doublers may be added but must be within the price bracket. provide links lol.
note: except for night, you NEED 24 dipes

LEVEL 1: you get $200 to buy dipes for the night, anything you want, go!

LEVEL 2: you get $25 to buy your night dipe, go!

LEVEL 3: age specific, nb stash for a 7-lber, only sizes that will fit at birth. cost $300

LEVEL 4: starting diapering at age 15 months, around 20lbs, everything you need, go!

LEVEL 5: trainers stash, limit of 8 trainers, ones with reusable inserts such as flip count by the inserts!

LEVEL 6: birth to PLing, under $500 using only wool and fitteds

LEVEL 7: birth to PLing, using pockets, price limit is $50

Level 8: a HTF dipe off fsot, under $30

level 9: fitteds and flats, toddler sized, $40

level 10: a wahm stash B-PL under $100
All in a days work!!
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