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Originally Posted by vintagegyrl View Post
the fact that you use "age 3.5" and "very distracted" in the same sentence is amusing to me.

I'm going to be one of those in the camp of - just wait. let her breeze thru workbooks til her heart's content. but playing a game with mom will be just that. It will try your patience to no end. that's part of the fun of it. to teach them lovingly how to pay attention but also to get caught up with them in life's little distractions. because they are learning so much - their brains are going so fast, they can't help but think of the 1,000,000 things that the game is reminding them of. It's OK. there is no rush. Get caught up with her, answer her questions, and finish the game another day. in otherwords, don't have a "goal" of finishing the game, ever. just play.
yes, most 3 years olds are distracted! I worked for many years in a daycare and would consider DD on the extreme, far outside the rhelm (sp) of normal 2-3 y/o attention. She literally cannot even play with toys because of her inability to focus. I plan to use Homeschooling/workbooks to try to encourage her focus, more than actually teach concepts of knowledge - does that even make sense. For some reason when this kid sits at a table with a workbook or craft, she can sit for 10 or 15 min and just "work" but set her free in the living room and she will literally spin out of control.

Thanks for the imput ladies! I appreciate the experience, this is my first kiddo and first look/experience with homeschool. My DH is very much against hs (for stupid reasons like "she'll be weird" ) so i almost need to prove to him i CAN teach her something - but i plan to use kindergaten/5yo for that since it is not required schooling according to the govt here.
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