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Originally Posted by triplomom
Do you want to make broth, or use a prepackaged broth? Gelatin in broth or, more so, stock, is created by dissolving (hydrolyzing) the collagen in connective tissue. Stock is characterized by a high gelatin content, which is why it jiggles when cooled and is made using bones and tough cuts with lots of sinew. If you want to minimize the amount of gelatin in your broth, you're going to want to make it with pure, boneless meat that has little or no connective tissue. So, you'll want to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts for chicken broth, and for beef broth, you'll want something like eye of round. Unfortunately, eye of round doesn't offer much flavor, but it would be sad to waste filet or strip on broth. Good luck!
Yes, I want to make my own. Thanks for the info on what I could use! Very informative, I may try the chicken breast first.
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