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tracking/delivery confirmation w/ paypal shipping

Newbie questions:

I will have a kitchen scale soon. Although I got it for making cosmetics, I'm hoping to also be able to sell more things and just put them in my personal mailbox for my letter carrier to pick up. That would be great, as I presently can't get to the post office very often.

I have a question though: Does the tracking/delivery confirmation that comes with paypal postage fees automatically activate when you have a carrier picking it up at your mailbox? I assume that they scan it, and it's a done deal. Or do you need to go to the post office in order for that to work? .

And are their size or content limitations on what can be picked up from your mailbox (other than that it fits into it)? I have gotten conflicting information on this. Are small priority boxes, 4x8, 6x10, and 8.5x12 bubble mailers all acceptable in your mailbox provided they fit??

I've actually sold quite a few things on eBay before, but lacking a scale I never looked into this option.

Thanks much
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