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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

Yep! Lansinoh really does help and you can just keep slabbing it on. An almost hot wash cloth on the clogged duct and massage really helps. Also..turn your baby to where he/she has their bottom lip drawing from where the duct is clogged. My lactation consultant literally had me lay back and turn baby upside down just to get the bottom lip where it was pulling on the clogged duct. I have a major oversupply, I still block feed at 12 months in, which I feed on one breast for every two feedings, so we are really familiar with clogged ducts here. It does get so much easier though after the first two months, they really are the hardest. I had mastitis three times during the first six weeks, but like the others said, if you can call your doc they will give you some meds and it will feel better literally within 12-24 hours. You can do it! It almost becomes comical when it starts coming so naturally and nothing seems to bother you anymore! You can get through it and will enjoy every minute of it!!

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