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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It does get better! I remember those days so well. I my little one's poor latch took off a chunk from one nipple. It was bleeding and so painful for awhile. Took about 14 weeks to completely heal over. My OBGYN Rx a nipple ointment with antibiotic, antifungal and mosturizer to use with each feeding. Maybe ask your doctor about a compound ointment for sore nipples. I really think it helped me heal. I have had mastitis 8 times with 2 babies and it is miserable. My Dr. was willing to give me an antibiotic with refills. I keep a bottle on hand and as soon as it sets in I start taking it. A lot less stressful since I don't have to run to the Dr. or Urgent Care on the weekend when soreness and fever starts. With all the problems with my first one I went on to nurse for 20 months and was sad when I weaned. You can do it and will be happy down the road that you stuck with it!
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